1.     How does 20 minutes of exercise just once a week really work?

Slow motion resistance training focuses on deliberately slow and controlled movements, taking around 20 seconds per repetition. Moving this slowly on our unique Keiser equipment eliminates any chance of cheating by using the weight’s own momentum. During this time we focus on maintaining the correct form and speed. This way, your muscles do 100% of the work. You spend about 90 to 120 straight seconds working into the deepest layers of muscle fibers to achieve total muscle failure. Your work is finished for that specific muscle group in one set! Five to six more sets on other pieces of equipment gives you a total body workout… and then you’re ready to go! Because the exercises work the muscles so thoroughly, you can be sure you are getting the best workout possible, and soon you will be seeing the best results possible!

2.     What results can I expect?

a. You will build a stronger, leaner body: You will gain strength, bone density, and all of the benefits of regular exercise. Both men and women will tone up, but women will not bulk up.

b. You save time: By exercising hard for just 20 minutes once a week you will improve your body much more than 3 day-a-week workouts lasting hours. This workout is for people who have better things to do than hanging out at a gym, and want better results.

c. Your cardiovascular function will improve: In addition to assisting in the regulation of blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, this type of exercise will strengthen your heart and your entire cardiovascular system.

d. You will lose fat: Strength training causes your muscles to grow stronger which in turn burns more fat. With this type of training your body will become firmer and more toned, and the fat will melt away.

3.     Do I need additional exercise outside of this program?

No. We do not recommend strength training outside of the one, twenty minute session per week. One of the most overlooked (and most important) keys to exercise is rest. Without adequate time for your body to rest between each 20 minute session, you may not receive the greatest benefits possible.

You will also receive cardiovascular benefits from this type of workout. Your heart is a muscle and receives full effect from this type of slow motion training.

You do not need additional exercise outside of this regimen, but we do encourage our clients to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. The goal of this program is to help you grow stronger and better able to participate in the activities that you love. So if you enjoy walking, a game of golf, tennis, or a wild kayak down the river, we want to help you succeed.

4.     Do I need a personal trainer?

It is virtually impossible for anyone to make sure they are going the right speed and holding the correct form while making sure to avoid injury, keep an accurate record of progress, and achieve the benefits of this workout without a trainer there to support you. Our trainers are experts in the field, well versed on the technique, and each is certified in personal training. With one of our trainers by your side to supervise, motivate, and adjust the program as you progress, you will be sure to get the best workout possible every single time.

5.     What is the fastest way for me to lose weight?

When it comes to losing weight, nutrition is key. It is the simple matter of consuming less calories than your body burns. It is important, though you consume less calories, that you still get adequate nutrition. We can help you make better nutritional choices and to formulate a meal guide that works best for you.