Slow-Motion Training Program:  One 20 minute session per week!

Slow motion resistance training focuses on deliberately slow and controlled movements, taking about 20 seconds per repetition. Moving this slowly on our unique Keiser equipment eliminates any chance of cheating by using the weight’s own momentum. During this time we focus on maintaining the correct form and speed. This way, your muscles do 100% of the work. You spend about 90 to 120 straight seconds working into the deepest layers of muscle fibers. Your work is finished for that specific muscle group in one set! Five to six more sets on other pieces of equipment gives you a total body workout… and then you’re ready to go on with your day! Because the exercises work the muscles so thoroughly, you can be sure you are getting the best workout possible, and soon you will be seeing the best results possible!

Static Contraction Training Program: One 20 minute session per week!

Static contraction training follows a similar training philosophy as slow-motion training, but causes the target muscle to exhaust within a matter of seconds. By using a static contraction machine, it enables the client to put out maximal effort for a very short time magnifying the effects of the lift. On our static contraction machine, the client can push or pull as hard as they possibly can until the target muscle is exhausted and the machine measures how hard the individual is working. This way there are no heavy lifts and no risk of injury because the weight of every exercise is determined by the strength of the individual. It gives accurate measurements of muscle output on every exercise so it is easy to track the progress and development of each person. This type of program can be utilized individually, or as an addition to our slow-motion training program.